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Welcome to the website for the Olympia Area SQL Server User Group (OASSUG) in Thurston County, Washington. Our meetings feature excellent presentations plus the opportunity to network with SQL Server professionals.


Next Meeting: Wed, May 18 2016

Agile Data Warehousing in the Age of Self-Service

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person


Event Time : Wed, May 18 2016 14:30 - 16:30 Pacific Daylight Time


310 Israel Road SE

Tumwater, Washington

Olympia Area SQL Server User Group meeting.

Room: S118
7273 Linderson Way SW
Tumwater, Washingto

Featured Presentation

Agile Data Warehousing in the Age of Self-Service

Speaker: Dave Wells

Summary: Analytics is the hottest topic in BI today, with rapidly expanding interest in self-service analytics. The popularity of business-friendly data analysis and visualization tools, and more recently the emergence of user-friendly data preparation tools raise questions about the future of data warehousing. Big data and concepts such as data lake bring even more questions. Does data warehousing fit into this new data management world? How must data warehousing change to keep pace with data and analytics trends? The reality is that big data doesn’t replace enterprise data and end-user data preparation doesn’t make data integration obsolete. The data warehouse will continue to be a primary source of business information, and data warehousing professionals have quickly become critical provisioners of data for analytics. But speed and agility are the order of the day. The modern data warehouse must be agile and adaptive, using tools that enable agility and architectures that readily adapt to changing business needs. Join us to see how data warehouse automation, advanced data preparation tools, and self-service analytics work together to deliver dynamic data, high-speed business-facing data marts, agile analytics, and business agility.

About Dave: Dave Wells is actively involved in information management, business management, and the intersection of the two. He is a consultant, mentor, and teacher dedicated to building meaningful connections through the path from data to business value. Having worked both in business and technical roles through a career of more than 40 years Dave brings unique and balanced perspectives for data integration, management, and analysis.

Agile Data Warehousing in the Age of Self-Service

Speaker: Douglas Barrett, Senior Solution Architect WhereScape

Summary: Second speaker.

About Douglas: Douglas has worked in the field of Business Intelligence for 20 years - concentrating primarily on data. Data Warehouse design, data processing, tuning, data quality - leading projects for Banks, Airlines, Retailers, Brewers (dim_beer anyone?), Universities etc. When not building data warehouses Douglas loves hiking in the Northwest. It becomes abundantly clear after project 1 that agility - prototyping, iterations and collaboration with SMEs / BAs is the only way to de-risk a data project. Douglas works for WhereScape - a software company that builds agile tools for developing / managing data warehouses / vaults / hubs. The design will change - when it meets the data, when it meets the users - it is expected, lets make it easier.



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Call for Speakers

Peter Palka is trying to put together a 6 month calendar of speakers and topics. Peter would like to start having two presentations per meeting. One topic could be a short 15 minute presentation and then the other could be a 60-90 minute topic. 

 If you have done something you think is noteworthy that others could benefit from, Peter would like to hear from you. He is willing to help you turn any ideas you have into a presentation. OASSUG is a user group, provided and supported by local area SQL Server users.

  Remember you don’t have to do a full-blown 90 minute presentation; even just a short presentation would be a great way to support our local SQL Server user group.



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