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Welcome to the website for the Olympia Area SQL Server User Group (OASSUG) in Thurston County, Washington. Our meetings feature excellent presentations plus the opportunity to network with SQL Server professionals.


Next Meeting: Wed, Sep 17 2014

September: Strategies and tools for Reporting Services (SSRS) content

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person


Event Time : Wed, Sep 17 2014 14:30 - 16:30 Pacific Daylight Time


310 Israel Road SE

Tumwater, Washington

Olympia Area SQL Server User group meeting.

Featured Presentation

Strategies and tools for Reporting Services (SSRS) content

Speaker: Carla Sabotta and Craig Guyer .

Summary: Approaches and tools for Reporting Services (SSRS) content migration Come learn the different approaches for copying/migrating SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) content from one reporting environment to another. Understanding how to copy SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) content items is important for a report server administrator, whether you need to complete a server upgrade, platform migration (say Native mode to SharePoint mode), or to prepare as part of an overall disaster recovery strategy. We will review the approaches to: 1) SSRS Native mode database migration. 2) SSRS SharePoint mode database migration 3) Item only migration using the SSRS migration tool and rs.exe script. 4) Validation of the migration, steps that are useful for post migration or simply post installation. Our core focus for this session is #3 and #4 as we think there is representative content already for the other items...but you tell us if you disagee. We will demonstrate a sample rs.exe script that migrates content between servers and is available for download. We would also like to hear your thoughts on content gaps to make Reporting Services management easier and more efficient. We will review the key documentation available to assist you in learning more.

About Carla Sabotta and Craig Guyer: Carla is a writer for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). She writes articles for MSDN/TechNet as well as creates videos, tutorials, quizzes, and samples. She’s also written documentation for SSIS, application development software and business management software. Craig is a Senior Content developer at Microsoft, working on content and education related to SQL Server Reporting Services and PowerPivot for SharePoint. Previous posts at Microsoft included Program Manager (PM) on the SSRS team, PM on the MSN Money team, and PM with HR team working on SAP.


Supplementary Materials

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Call for Speakers

Peter Palka is trying to put together a 6 month calendar of speakers and topics. Peter would like to start having two presentations per meeting. One topic could be a short 15 minute presentation and then the other could be a 60-90 minute topic. 

 If you have done something you think is noteworthy that others could benefit from, Peter would like to hear from you. He is willing to help you turn any ideas you have into a presentation. OASSUG is a user group, provided and supported by local area SQL Server users.

  Remember you don’t have to do a full-blown 90 minute presentation; even just a short presentation would be a great way to support our local SQL Server user group.



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