Olympia Area SQL Server User Group

Welcome to the website for the Olympia Area SQL Server User Group (OASSUG) in Thurston County, Washington. Our meetings feature excellent presentations plus the opportunity to network with SQL Server professionals.


Next Meeting: Wed, Oct 16 2019

Automating database deployments with Redgate SQL Source Control and Octopus Deploy

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person


Event Time : Wed, Oct 16 2019 02:30 - 04:30 Pacific Daylight Time


5000 Abbey Way SE

Lacey, Washington

The meeting will be held in Society Room at Cebula Hall (Engineering), which is noted as building 22 on this map:  https://www.stmartin.edu/sites/default/files/smu-files/public-safety/smu-2d-map.pdf.  Please make sure you park in the open parking out near Pacific Avenue, which is a short walk to the meeting location.

Featured Presentation

Automating database deployments with Redgate SQL Source Control and Octopus Deploy

Speaker: Shawn Sesna

Summary: In this presentation, I will demonstrate how to use Redgate SQL Source Control to automate database changes and deploy them using Octopus Deploy. This demonstration will include hooking up to source control, building, and deployment using Octopus Deploy.

About Shawn: Hello, I'm Shawn Sesna, a Continuous Delivery Architect at Octopus Deploy. Prior to joining Octopus Deploy, I worked for the State of Washington for 21 years in various roles including developer, database administrator, and DevOps engineer. In my previous position with the State, I automated deployments of our entire stack including ASP.NET web code, Window services, database code, Sql Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages, Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, and even Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with PowerShell DSC using Octopus Deploy.



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Call for Speakers

Peter Palka is trying to put together a 6 month calendar of speakers and topics. Peter would like to start having two presentations per meeting. One topic could be a short 15 minute presentation and then the other could be a 60-90 minute topic. 

 If you have done something you think is noteworthy that others could benefit from, Peter would like to hear from you. He is willing to help you turn any ideas you have into a presentation. OASSUG is a user group, provided and supported by local area SQL Server users.

  Remember you don’t have to do a full-blown 90 minute presentation; even just a short presentation would be a great way to support our local SQL Server user group.



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